On The Edge of Madness [12/17/2012]

On The Edge of Madness…

5-11-2016 3-32-27 AMWitness this incredible melt down as Eli who is the new “That Nigger Guy” or HollywoodRape as he calls himself calls ZodWriter, Tha Jackal, Nuella, and goes off on a crazy racist rant.

Now to proof once, and for all that Eli aka HollywoodRape is an evil racist asshole.

Not that there was much doubt I’m sure. But listen to this. Listen to both the initial call plus flash backs to an earlier date when HollywoodRape called “Zodwriter, Jackal, California Guy” and he wanted to kick MovieWorldExpress off the Round Table Show.

This video also shows what he really thinks of his part time co host Anthony P…

Listen to this, and make sure you never support that incredible asshole HollywoodRape.

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